Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tip-Toeing On the Banana Leaf

So, I must blog about the restaurant I just went to last night: Banana Leaf!

What was the special occasion? Tao's birthday! He is Thai, so of course, we went to a Thai restaurant.

After getting on a hot bus and getting stuck in a traffic jam (like always), we finally made it to our destination of Zhong Guan Cun. Banana Leaf appeared to be like any other normal Thai restaurant, but after ordering and chatting for a while, a group of Filipinos (what?! Filipinos working at a Thai restaurant in China?!) swamped our table with music and dance!

First, since it was Tao's birthday, they sang a upbeat rendition of the Happy Birthday song in both English and Chinese. Then, they sang Thai songs, Chinese songs, and American songs. We all danced, drank, and had a merry merry time!

Tao dancing with Dulce

Group shot with the Filipinos!

In other news, I got a bike to ride to campus today. Beijing traffic, once again, is ridiculous! I think if I suffer any injuries this summer, it'll be from riding the bike. Plus, the bike doesn't have any brakes... I forgot about that when I decided to ride down these steps today. The result? I almost went over the railing and into the freeway. Yay.

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