Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Return of The Blog

Wow, I have not updated my blog in almost a year. Failure.

I will try to be better about it. I will.

Anyway, my 2008 summer plans are set!

So far, this is what it looks like:
May 12............Last day of final exams
May 12-24........Staying at Yale to work for Davenport College
May 24-26........Going to Cornell for brother's graduation
May 26-Jun 4.....Home!
Jun 5-Aug 16.....Shanghai, China
Aug 16-Sep 1.....Home again!
Around Sep 1.....Back at Yale!

Finals Week Apr 27-May 12
Four final exams.
Three term papers.
Two weeks of stress.
One unhappy Gang.

It is not going to be fun. Bring me food.

Graduation Week May 12-24
I will be working as a master's aide during this time. I don't know what exactly I will have to do, but it probably entails planning/running events for seniors and their families.

If you are staying as well, give me a call and we'll keep each other company. I will probably be bored a lot. If you are in the vicinity, please pay me a visit! (NYC is only a $14, 1.5 hr train ride)

Cornell Graduation May 25-26
Congratulations to Yi! Majoring in electrical and computer engineering, he has (so far, knock on wood) survived eight very intense semesters at Cornell.

If I have financial troubles in the future, I am banking on him bailing me out. =)

Home - A Good Place to Live! May 26-Jun 4

Home = Bristol, Virginia!
I know I have been away for a while, but
I really am coming back!

Let me know if you are in town so we can meet up!

Shanghai, China
Jun 5-Aug 16

I am going to be working for the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, China. I am soo excited, even though I don't really know what exactly my responsibilities are yet. I can't even imagine what the atmosphere in China will be like. The Olympics are creating such a commotion and generating a lot of buzz, both positive and negative. Therefore, I am bracing myself for something big happening...

This summer is going to be fantastic! I finally get to see a sibling graduate from college (I was in an econ final when my sister Jing graduated), I finally get to stay at home for an extended time, and I get to travel abroad!

I will (promise!) be updating this blog regularly, especially during the summer. Adventures and thoughts will be posted. Please check in once in a while. =)