Saturday, June 7, 2008

Highs and Lows

High: I have an apartment to myself! Since I am the only occupant, I have a larger bed. I have a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Everything is thoughtfully furnished. The staff is very accommodating and incredibly nice. By arriving at past one in the morning and not being able to sleep, I have already made friends with several of them. I can see the Pearl Tower and the Jinmao (Grand Hyatt) from the patio. There is also a very nice, good-sized private garden in the back. Creeks and oriental trees and ponds, you know, all that good stuff. Definitely important for the overall fengshui.

Low: The day took a turn for the worse. I was out scouting out my job site and its neighborhood (both of which, btw, are amazing!) when an enormous thunder/lightning storm came through. Caught without an umbrella, I stood underneath a small canopy for an hour before I was able to flag down a taxi who was willing to take a miserably soaked man.

I return to the apartment to find my patio door was left open (so stupid) and that my room was pretty much soaked. Bed, carpet, table, and computer. It didn't help that my patio also flooded, leading more water to enter the apartment. The staff was great and cleaned up everything and fixed the problem with the patio. I dried my computer and let it sit overnight. Now it works just fine (I'm writing this post on it!). Gosh, I love Macs. So hardy. My poor Macbook Pro has taken and survived so much punishment from me over the past few years. Works as if it was new.

Also, my cellphone stopped working all of a sudden. I don't know why, but it won't turn on or charge. Hmmm... gonna have to fork out more RMBs... =(


Anonymous said...


Hi Dang,

My name is Lucky and I found your blog through Kelly's list. I'll be attending PiB in a week or so.

I'm sorry you got caught in that storm...I saw pics of it on the nytimes website with cars driving through the flooded streets and all. I'm glad your computer is fine're a brave soul to touch a damp electronic device.

Unknown said...

Post pictures of your apartment and the view ASAP!

devon said...

did the staff clean your bed too