Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some glory, some tears, lots of fun and excitement

The 2010 Yali Sports Meeting has officially begun, and here are the pictures:

The Parade of the Classes begins the annual Sports Meeting.

This boy kept his chest out for a good 30 minutes.

John, the only boy librarian at our English library!

There was one thing I noticed from my observations: in the six-lane, 1600m race, there weren't just six runners. For each runner, there would be at least two friends running alongside the entire time, giving encouragement to the runner. Some of them even ran the entire mile with their friend who was suffering on the track! Rather unbelievable.

Would I have run that (unnecessary) mile if I had been in that situation? Hmm....

If you didn't know what goosestepping was from the previous post, here's a clip of the Yali students "goosestepping":

[Update: October 25] Here's a picture that I think sheds some insight (What insight exactly? Iono...) into the Chinese education system:

All students are required to be outside on the benches for the Sports Meeting. Yet, half of them are still doing their homework! Poor students... O_o

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Terrence said...

thats scary. like actually.