Monday, May 7, 2007

Summer '07!

Freshman year is FINISHED!!!

Well... almost. Three more exams and I'm out!

Looking ahead, this summer has a chance to be really special. For the first couple of weeks, I will be staying on campus to perform a couple of concerts during commencement. Then, I will be flying down to Brazil for concert band tour. I have never been there, so that is going to be really sweet. Really, really sweet.

Finally, thanks to the Light and Greenberg fellowships, the majority (2+ months) of my summer will be spent in China! I am reaaally pumped for this trip. I will be studying Chinese at the Capital Normal University in Beijing. My oral skills are decent, but my reading and writing skills are quite shabby. Basically, I started out this year as what my roommate (Dan G!) calls "FBI" - Fluent But Illiterate. Anyways, I hope to improve my overall Chinese skills considerably this summer.

What do I look forward to? FOOD! Well, I've been before, but this will be the first time I will be alone and without my family there. Um... I hope to travel a bit and see things I haven't been able to with my family, such as Xi'an and Guiling. Also, I am very excited to see the transformations that are taking place all over Beijing due to preparations for the Olympics! Hmmm... I really like meeting new people, so I am sure I will make some great friends while I'm there.

Oh, yeah, I am looking forward to learning Chinese, of course.

What will I miss from the States? FOOD! I really like food... I'm going to miss the many conveniences I have here, such as being able to drive everywhere. More than anything else, I am going to miss my brother Devon! I haven't seen that kid at all this semester and I won't be seeing him this summer. :-(

Devon and me

Well, my first post is up and out of the way. I will update this blog whenever something new and exciting happens! Until then!


Sam said...

G-man! You left that orange-colored bottle of shampoo or soap or whatever at my house. Other than that, I think you did alright!

Kelly McLaughlin said...

GREAT first Blog. Can't wait for more. --Kelly

Jiaona said...

Gang! your little brother is so cute!! thanks for helping me out today with the picture :)