Friday, January 14, 2011

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Spent a few days in the Cameron Highlands, a town four hours away from the capital. A very wndy ride, straight through the heart of the Malaysian jungles. The town itself is comfortably nestled in the valleys of these striking mountains.

After the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, the oasis of serenity was a welcomed change. We struggled (or at least, I did) through a couple of the jungle trails, hitchhiked our ways to various tea and strawberry farms, and enjoyed epically-long dinners.

Click to enlarge (you'll be able to see the rows and rows of tea bushes)!

Unfortunately, nothing good can last forever. We had to move on, and now we're in Penang, an island on the Straits of Melacca. More pictures and stories to come!

[Update: January 15, 2011] I had to include these pictures!

Kelsey and Chris, more than ready to hike Jungle Walk No. 1, or "Gunung Brinchang"

After conquering Gurung Brinchang. 1, we went to the nearest strawberry farm and
treated ourselves to the most delicious strawberry cheesecake.

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