Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Day in Hong Kong

Chrissy was kind enough to schedule in a free day yesterday for the teaching fellows, a nice break from the 9-5 daily grind. Wanting to squeeze everything I can out of this one day, I woke up at 5:30am to see the sunrise from the roof of my building.

Then, Doug, Aaron and I hopped onto the earliest ferry out to Lamma Island, a world so different from Hong Kong proper. Absolutely gorgeous scenery, a small and intimate beach with warm water and "shark nets," exotic tropical flowers, giant bees with aggressive splotches of orange and even bigger spiders, towering banana trees, and rocky cliff sides--what many would consider to be paradise. I spent most of the day hiking around this island, laying out on the beach, and eating very very well.

However, there was just one thing about this island that created a bit of confusion in my mind, which is this ungodly big coal power plant. On one side of the beach, I could see islands lined up along the horizon, with mostly smooth hills and an occasional peak. Shift your eyes to the right side, however, and you would be unsubtly awakened, slapped in the face by the man. Very bizarre juxtaposition indeed. Why would anyone build anything so grotesque on such a beautiful island?