Friday, January 7, 2011

Travel in SE Asia

The semester is over, and I am boarding a plane to Malaysia in T minus 8 hours.

Tentative itinerary:
1.8 arrive in KL
1.9 hang out in KL
1.10 bus to cameron highlands
1.11 cameron highlands, maybe this tea place:
1.12 bus to penang
1.13 penang--fruit farm
1.14 penang
1.15 ferry to langkawi from penang from georgetown
1.16 langkawi
1.17 ferry back to penang
1.18 melaka
1.19 melaka
1.20 bus to singapore
1.21 singapore
1.22 singapore
1.23 fly out of singapore to Hong Kong

If you've ever been to Malaysia or Singapore, I would very much appreciate any suggestions!


Andrew said...


Terrence said...

hm only got suggestions for the great HK

Gang said...

give me suggestions for HK, i'll be there too!